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I hope you will take some time to learn about the services I offer Virginia home sellers and buyers. My goal is to demonstrate my commitment to provide you outstanding customer services. Also, take a little time to get to know me by reviewing testimonials from other clients and reading my biography.

Consumer Education

An important set of pages within my website provide you with some basic consumer education. Virginia's laws governing the relationship between real estate agents and their clients changed significantly in 2012. As a result, Virginia has the most formal agency rules. I recommend reading Dual and Designated Agency and Virginia Written Brokerage Agreements as a starting point.

Real Estate Research Tools

I also designed ShearerVAHomes.com ™ to act as a portal for you to conduct research. While you will find a link under the Consumer Education menu drop down, an easy way to return to this useful page is through a short cut ShearerVAHomes.com/tools.

Communities and Neighborhoods

I am including in my website pages that will provide home buyers information about their potential communities. You may be interested in learning about Fairfax County's outstanding recreational activities. I also recommend reviewing my community pages where I share information about Burke, Virginia and West Springfield, Virginia.

Within the community pages you will find links to the neighborhoods within the community. These links take you to that neighborhood's web site, if they have one. In Virginia, neighborhoods are sometimes Home Owners' Associations (HOAs), a legal corporation owned and run by the homeowners. If your potential homes is governed by an HOA, I recommend that you become familiar with the covenants and financial position of the HOA early.