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"When I first met Jeff, he said he was committed to excellent service. Now I believe him. Do you need a real estate agent? I highly recommend Jeff Shearer."


Realtor's Commitment

I am committed to providing my real estate clients outstanding service. The following six pledges help to make that commitment a reality.

Working Together – I pledge that I will always be the person you contact. I do not use customer-facing real estate transaction coordinators, administrative help, not even open house hosts. You will always speak to, email, and text me, an experienced licensed Virginia REALTOR®.

Responsive – I pledge that I will always be responsive to your wants and needs. For example, some realtors pledge that they will preview every house for their buyer clients. If that is what you want, I will. However, in today's fast-paced market when buyers are often time constrained, I find that many buyers want me to schedule showings on the fly, often while we are out touring. I will.

Another example are sellers who have already moved who need to have their home visited and the condition touched up from time to time. I will. Vacant home care varies from season to season. From ensuring the grass is cut and plantings trimmed to ensuring driveways and walkways are cleared of snow. I will.

No Conflict of Interests – Although Virginia law allows REALTORS® to represent both the buyer and seller in a single transaction, I pledge that I will have no conflict of interests. For example, I do not believe that my clients can be fairly represented without my prohibition against dual agency.

Ethical – I pledge to conduct my relationship with my clients ethically. This pledge is only partially defined by formal guidelines including the National Association of Realtors Code of Ethics. I am always honest and forthright.

Work Vigorously – I pledge to work vigorously for my real estate clients. Some clients seem surprised at the vigor with which I pursue my work for them. Some have even asked, “Why are you so tireless in your efforts for us?” The answer is simple: Three expectations. I expect that the professionals I hire work vigorously for me so I expect that my clients expect the same from me. I work to identify and and anticipate my customers' needs as a means to exceed their expectations.

Skillful Professional – I pledge to be a skillful professional REALTOR®. I pursue professional credentials because I have found that experience alone does not provide adequate knowledge to meet my commitment to outstanding professional customer service. Real Estate Agency is very much a knowledge profession.

I decided to become a Senior Real Estate Specialist® to help ease the challenges faced by other seniors when they want to downsize or no longer want to be a homeowner.

The challenges can become crippling right at the time when we most need to make important decisions in our life. For example, I have a customer who previously put her home on the market and then withdrew it two years in a row. Then she started to try again, but changed her mind before listing her home.

The challenges can be different for each of us, but I have found the emotional attachment to our homes to be the most significant. Our homes provide us shelter, hold our treasure of memories, and were acquired often through many years of blood, sweat, and sacrifice. Our homes become intimently tied to our identities.

The challenges may also include the need for trusted partners to hold an estate sale, complete repairs, carefully move our belongings, and provide the options to finance our change.

I can provide solutions to these challenges and more when you decide to downsize or you no longer want to be a homeowner.