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"Although Virginia law allows REALTORS® to represent both the buyer and seller in a single transaction, I pledge that I will have no conflict of interests. For example, I do not believe that my clients can be fairly represented without my prohibition against dual agency."

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Monitor Your Marketing Program

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to sell your home. If you haven't already, please read the first three in my series for home sellers,

This article talks about how we, Monitor Your Marketing Program.Monitoring the effectiveness of your marketing program is key to supporting decisions to change to the program.

Remember, our goal is to generate multiple offers to put you into the best negotiating position possible regarding contract terms, inspection releases, and the buyers' lender appraisal reputation.

We get one part of the most important statistic from that Realtors' lockbox sitting near or on your front door. From that box we learn whenever a Realtor visits your home, who the Realtor is, and their email. Hopefully when scheduling the visit, the Realtor let us know if this was an agent preview or if they were coming with a client. But either way, I send out an email asking the agent to complete Three Questions.

The second source of the most important statistic is open house visitors. Many Realtors say that open houses aren't worth the effort. Of course they aren't if you use a hosting agent whose interest is finding a buyer client no matter which house they want to buy.

I am interested in selling your home. In fact, I have a commitment to have no conflict of interest including a prohibition against dual agency. In short, I am not looking for another client, I am looking to serve you. Yes, I will help a potential buyer, I will refer them to another agent at Samson Properties if you have approved the use of designated agency.

What's so important about the number of visitors? We use it to gauge the likelihood that we will receive an offer. Our measure states that we should receive 1 offer for every 7 visits.

We will also use the number of visits during open houses and per week through realtors. Our measures of success state that we should have 12 to 15 visitors at an open house and 6 to 8 showings per week through realtors.

The other monitors that I will report to you daily pale in comparison. Visits to the listing on a variety of websites and to various social media sites do not reflect the amount of interest that an actual visit to your home represents.

If our measures are not demonstrating success, that offers are forthcoming, we must Tune Our Marketing Plan.

I decided to become a Senior Real Estate Specialist® to help ease the challenges faced by other seniors when they want to downsize or no longer want to be a homeowner.

The challenges can become crippling right at the time when we most need to make important decisions in our life. For example, I have a customer who previously put her home on the market and then withdrew it two years in a row. Then she started to try again, but changed her mind before listing her home.

The challenges can be different for each of us, but I have found the emotional attachment to our homes to be the most significant. Our homes provide us shelter, hold our treasure of memories, and were acquired often through many years of blood, sweat, and sacrifice. Our homes become intimently tied to our identities.

The challenges may also include the need for trusted partners to hold an estate sale, complete repairs, carefully move our belongings, and provide the options to finance our change.

I can provide solutions to these challenges and more when you decide to downsize or you no longer want to be a homeowner.