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Prepare To Sell Your NOVA Home

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to sell your home. During our first meeting I want to talk with you about your goals, wants, and needs. Then I want to tour your home and possibly take some pictures to help me remember the features of your home as I prepare for our second meeting to price your home.

The bulk of this page talks about activities that will help you prepare to sell your home. I do not talk about preparing mentally nor emotionally. I will only tell you working to prepare includes some mental and emotional work. Forty percent of homes listed in any one year are withdrawn or expire. Often because the seller is not really ready to sell their home.

Research sign restrictions. I will need to know about sign restrictions in your community. Often these are written in the HOA or Condo documentation. If not, call the management office. Find out about size, location, and duration. We want signs close to your home as well as directional signs to bring folks in from the cross street. Ask about both.

I think it is important for sellers to begin to get a sense of the market for their home as quickly as possible. During our first meeting, I will be happy to provide a market overview based on homes sold, for sale, and withdrawn or terminated. If you are a Do-It-Yourself kind of person, following are some suggestions.

I am hoping you will begin to see the correlation between days on market, price and the condition of the home. A home built in the 1990s with honey-oak wood and gold fixtures is still a 1990s home, no matter how well maintained. Today's buyers are not looking for a 1990s home. They are looking for a 2020s home. They will buy it quickly and pay well for their generation's version of a stunner.

Does that mean you MUST do a complete renovation? Not necessarily. Use my Free Sellers Prep List to see how to give your home a face lift to attract today's buyers. Better yet, give me a call and let's review your preparations together.

No matter whether you want to have a face lift or a complete renovation, we must work to transform your well-feathered nest into a product that today's buyers want to see. That means declutter, depersonalize, and to some extent stage. Staging does not have to be a full out hire-the-stager-bring-in-the-furniture event. Oh, by the way, did you see that I am an Accredited Staging Professional Stager®?

For those of us who have accumulated items over the years, I am associated with estate sales folks who can help you declutter by advising you of the value of your things, advise what should be donated, and what should be put up for auction.

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I decided to become an Accredited Staging Professional Stager® to better understand staging and to be able to provide my clients professional advice and services. I do not provide the full scope of staging services. In particular, I do not provide furniture to add to or replace your furniture. I will provide you with references to meet that need.

Staging has become an important part of preparing and marketing your NOVA home for sale. The Internet has put pictures of your home at the fingertips of potential buyers and often drives them to or away from your home.

Staging is both an inside and outside activity. The first picture in a listing is often the front elevation of a home. That is not to reduce the significance of interior pictures. Especially those of kitchens and bathrooms.

If you are starting to prepare your home for sale, give me a call. I will be home that happy to provide a FREE consult.